A recruiter’s job doesn’t end with the phone screen

As a recruiter, we are well versed in screening candidates. We ask all the right questions, determine if the candidate will be a good fit for the position and pass them off to the hiring manager to begin the interview process. But our job doesn’t end there.

Prior to the candidate speaking with the hiring manager or coming on-site for an interview, touch base with them. Give them an idea of the direction the conversation will take. Suggest some talking points that the candidate should prepare (“what is your biggest weakness?” or “why are you interested in this position/company?”). Remind the candidate to review the company web site and be able to speak to the company values and mission statement. Reassure them and calm their pre-interview jitters.

Building a relationship with the candidate through the interview process will ensure that the hire is a perfect fit for everyone.

By Megan Cashion | People Science Talent Advisor II – Team Lead


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