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Connecting Recruiting Metrics to Revenue

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Your EVP – Employee Value Proposition: The Reason, The Power, and the How To

In this podcast, we discuss the keys to creating a dynamic Employee Value Proposition that will have a positive impact on how your organization attracts, retains, and engages top talent. Our special guest will be Deborah Kroeger, SPHR, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Arvinas. Deb is recognized for her expertise in crafting and executing HR ...

Building Hiring Manager Trust: What You Need to Know

The quality of the personal connection between the Hiring Manager and Talent Acquisition has a major impact on recruiting effectiveness and employee retention. Yet most companies pay little attention to the internal practices necessary to ensure a successful Recruiter/Hiring Manager partnership. Our special guest in this podcast is Charlene Santis, who serves as Senior Director ...

Unlocking the Power of Talent Acquisition Metrics: The ROI is Real!

Despite its critical importance, Talent Acquisition is often misconstrued as a cost center, failing to recognize its potential ROI.  By harnessing cutting-edge technology, TA can demonstrate meaningful business metrics. The results can be transformative, yielding increased HR/TA budgets, more focused business strategies, and expanded market dominance for both candidates and clients.  Our special guest for ...

The Power Of Transparency

HR Professionals, Talent Acquisition Specialists, and Business Leaders can benefit from best practices and success stories on workplace transparency – a major factor in employee satisfaction and retention, and brand reputation. Here’s what you can expect to gain from this podcast:  Related posts: Transparency: The Key to Developing Long Lasting Relationships with Candidates The Google ...

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Case Studies

How Candidate Relationship Management Resulted in 25% More Hires….

Our client, a mid-size pharmaceutical company, was entering into an entirely new field of medication and needed to build a new Sales and Marketing department.  The space they were entering targeted a small but critical market. Only candidates with specific medical expertise, profound sales ability, and a substantial network of both hospitals and doctors, could ... read more

Scaling up and Down –Quick Flexibility

“Can you scale up?” and “Can you scale down?” are two of the most popular questions we are asked on a regular basis.  Our answer is simple, when you view yourself as an extension of your client’s recruiting department, how could you consider otherwise? However, having the right Recruiters available is only one part of ... read more

Diversity Hiring, You get what you look for

People Science was approached by the Executive Leader of Human Resources of a very large international Information Technology and Telecommunications company whose board was expecting an increase in the diversity of new hires.  At this point, the company had already increased their total diverse employee population to more than 50%.  However, the board wanted to ... read more

Hiring Manager Trust = Recruiter Success

A common challenge in recruiting is the disconnect between Hiring Managers and Recruiters. Although the reasons for disconnects vary, the most common denominator in turning a Business Partner into an ally is Recruiting’s ability to build Trust.  And the common denominators in building trust are the commitment of Recruiting to establish a relationship, organized and well-executed ... read more

Is it Me, the Market, or My Recruiters?

Sound Familiar? What Recruiting Leader has not asked themself that question? Recruiting is a challenge and one that has a history of being driven by requests and demands; much more so than well-planned and executed strategies.  A key reason is that we simply do not have the much-needed Recruiter metrics to make an accurate assessment ... read more

The Power of People

Transforming Recruitment for a Legacy Energy Company Transforming: Creating more Success from Past Successes As a mid-size, well established Power and Gas company, our client had a long history of being considered a premier local employer whom easily attracted candidates and readily made new hires. Their stellar reputation in their servicing communities combined with their many ... read more

Reduce Turnover Rates of a Rapidly Growing B2C Company

A rapidly growing company B2C Company needed to quadruple its call center and reduce turnover rates. A newly relocated B2C company was adding subscribers at the rate of 280,000 per month. The company called for the establishment of a state-of-the-art Call Center hub. This hub comprised of 3,700 employees both technical and non-technical. While the ... read more

Creating a Recruiting Infrastructure Easily Adaptable to Change

Create a Customer Service Department for a New Division of a Large Insurance Carrier Challenge: A large well established insurance company purchased a small information technology company, allowing for a new revenue stream while increasing company size from 40 employees to 290 over a 16 month period and increasing case management by more than 200%. This ... read more

Scaling Up for New Business Segments

An Established Telecommunications Company Adding a New Business Segment of Business Must Triple the Size of National Outside Sales Force Challenge: A well-established telecommunications company is adding a new business segment product line to its suite of in-home services. Until recently there has been little or no competition for market share in most regions. Now, ... read more

Improving Customer Service through Recruitment Process Engineering

A Growing Telecommunications Company Outsourcing to Off Shore Call Centers Saves Dollars But Results in Too Few First Call Resolutions and Depreciation of Customer Service Satisfaction Challenge: The Company is saving more than 300% of cost by sending over 2000 call center seats offshore to multiple companies and countries. However, first call resolutions in many ... read more

National Sales Professional team in a Downturned Housing Market

National New Home Builder Seeks a Cost Efficient Means to Recruit Sales People in a Downturned Housing Market Challenge: A national home builder must add highly skilled sales people to housing developments around the United States in order to assure the developments are well represented to potential new home buyers. At the same time, Human ... read more

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