RPO Passes Its Prime: RPP – Recruitment Process Partnering Comes of Age

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CFO-CHRO partnership: 6 talent acquisition metrics to drive ROI
CFO & People Science

Originally published in CFO Magazine Collaboration with HR leaders clarifies how talent acquisition strategies affect financial performance, guiding smart resource allocation and decision-making. Most companies recognize the strategic, operational, and financial impact of talent acquisition. However, the level of satisfaction in the recruitment and hiring process remains low, driven in large measure by a lack

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Struggling with retention? Improve how recruiters, hiring managers work together
People Science in Human Resource Executive

There’s no shortage of theories on the root causes underlying the increased rate of voluntary employee turnover. They include the growth of the hybrid workforce and shifting personal attitudes regarding the role of work, largely driven by the pandemic and different generational perspectives. Guidance on improving employee retention largely focuses on organizational culture and management

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The Varying Degrees of RPO – It’s not what you think
The Varying Degrees of RPO - It's not what you think

New to RPO, or not sure how it could fit into your Talent Acquisition team? The Varying Degrees of RPO explains and compares the different levels of RPO partnerships offered to help you make the best decision for your organization.

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Frontline Flexibility: The Next Phase of Hybrid Work

At People Science, we have witnessed firsthand the transformation of work models in the post-Covid 19 world. One of the most significant shifts has been the rise of hybrid work, a model that combines remote work and in-office work. While this model has been widely adopted among desk-based employees, its expansion to frontline workers is

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Future-Proof Recruitment: The Role of Technology in RPO
Future Proof Recruitment

Recruitment is no exception in an era where the digital revolution impacts every aspect of our lives. Technology has woven itself into the fabric of modern recruitment processes, dictating how companies attract, identify, and secure talent in today’s competitive job market. This role of technology becomes exponentially vital in the sphere of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Beyond Credentials: The Pursuit of Nontraditional Candidates in 2023

As we advance further into the 21st century, the nature of the workplace continues to evolve. More than ever, companies are shifting their focus from traditional hiring metrics, such as college degrees and years of experience, to skills-based hiring. This innovative approach emphasizes the abilities and competencies of candidates rather than their credentials. In recent

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The Power of Upskilling: Shaping the Future of the Workforce

In a rapidly changing world, one of the most significant investments a company can make is in the skills of its workforce. As industries adapt to technological advances, globalization, and new business models, employees must keep up with the pace of change. This is where the power of upskilling comes into play. Upskilling: A Definition

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RPO vs. In-House Recruitment: What’s the Right Choice for Your Business?
RPO vs In-House Recruitment

One constant has always remained regarding business growth and evolution; one fundamental element remains pivotal—talent acquisition. The quality and proficiency of the individuals hired shape an organization’s trajectory, imprinting their influence across its productivity, innovation, and overall success. In this continuing search for talent, business leaders and HR heads weigh between two prominent recruitment strategies:

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Revolutionizing Onboarding: Creating an Impactful Welcome for New Hires
Revolutionizing Onboarding

Introduction to the Importance of an Effective Onboarding Process In today’s dynamic talent acquisition landscape, onboarding is more than a mere introduction phase – it’s the bedrock of an employee’s journey within your organization. With the help and guidance of People Science, many companies are transforming their onboarding processes, creating a robust foundation that significantly

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