Technology-Driven Data & Insights

Having the right technology in place for the right solve is crucial for Talent Acquisition in the New World of work. However, keeping pace with the global human resource (HR) technology market, which is expected to be worth $28.8 billion in 2024, is a daunting task.

Whether we are providing advisory services, managing recruiting or providing support staff, People Science clients trust that we keep our finger on the pulse of the myriad of technologies coming and going in the marketplace.  In that process, we’ve learned first-hand that the capabilities of most ATS platforms are limited to management of applicant data. They fail to capture a range of necessary pre-applicant insights, including Recruiter performance, or to provide a candidate relationship management (CRM) capability.

That’s why we created Hiregate – our proprietary Recruiter Candidate Tracking System (RCTS) – to complete the Talent Acquisition cycle. Hiregate is designed to augment (not replace) any ATS, supplying the recruitment data, market and candidate insights, and the reporting capabilities that ATS platforms don’t provide; enabling the tracking and storage of candidate sourcing information…without having to replace any ATS.

Here are some additional insights to help you understand the value of Hiregate:

Why Hiregate?

In our data-driven world, having all the recruitment insights you need at your fingertips facilitates real-time, fact-based decision-making, and delivers tangible competitive advantage. People Science understands this, and Hiregate leverages Artificial Intelligence, the most advanced algorithms, and decades of Talent Acquisition experience. Hiregate empowers companies to:

  • Track the entire recruiting cycle, from Sourcing and time to find through onboarding and time to hire
  • Understand, analyze, record, and improve Sourcing and Recruiter performance
  • Discover the best candidates to target, and how to capture their attention
  • Simplify, centralize, and track candidates from all sources
  • Establish and build trust and rapport with hiring managers
  • Track, measure, and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs)

We continuously review and pilot new technologies, ensuring that Hiregate will continue to evolve and adapt to users’ needs, and enabling us to reimagine what it means to analyze data.