Giving Back to your Candidates

The job market can be tough to sell, but the most important part of picking the right candidate for your job opening as a recruiter is building a relationship with the applicants, with constant communication and feedback.

If you conduct a phone screen, take notice of the conversations you had, review the notes written down based on company culture and the candidate’s experience, along with how well you connected with them for this position. Always look for the ‘Thank You” letters after an interview. If an onsite interview took place, keep up with a status of the interviewing process and time to fill to allow these candidates to stay warm and feel welcomed. Make sure to reach out and ask if they have any questions, along with an update of their status in the hiring process, and if you have an exact date of when you plan to fill the position. In the end, “you get more bees with honey” being valued is a key element when hiring.

By Jessica Shields | People Science Processor


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