The Interview Schedule


You did it, you’ve made it through the resume screenings, and the Hiring Manager approval to move to on to the next stage of the interview process, but what does it take to schedule the perfect interview?

For one, you need to have the right interview lineup, as a Hiring Manager who do you want to see on the interview panel for the position you’re looking to fill?

You will want a balance of Mid and Senior levels, mixed with positive Talent Advisors and, last but not least, you.

The right candidate will be able to fill each requirement you’re looking for with this specific job role. So, it takes time to study qualifications and skills, and how to set up interview questions for your panel when the lucky candidate arrives.

Remember it’s about the best candidate experience, so it’s okay to provide multiple days and time slots to best accommodate the candidate when conducting the interview. [optinlocker]

Mornings can be either difficult for some or the best time of day for others. Reach out to the candidate and ask what time and day would work best for you to meet with the team? Once you receive this important information, its time to schedule and meet with your interview panel to set up the best times for them in the time frame provided by the candidate.

Scheduling takes time, it’s not a 1, 2, step and it should not be rushed when looking for the best candidate experience. Keep your applicant warm, reach out with updates to see if they have any questions while the scheduling is taking place.

Once confirmation from the interviewers has been provided, send another email with the time and place of the interview, who the interviewee will be meeting with, their job titles and to always motivate them with good luck.

By Jessica Shields | People Science Processor [/optinlocker]


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