How will the unemployment rate effect the strategy we take to recruit in 2019?


With the unemployment rate sitting at 3.7 percent there may not have been a more difficult time to be a recruiter. One trend I would like to keep an eye on moving into the new year is Inbound vs. Outbound recruiting.

The difference between inbound and outbound recruiting is pretty self-explanatory. With outbound recruiting you are actively reaching out to candidates and attempting to engage them in potential opportunities you may have. Inbound recruiting is the process of attempting to attract employees to your organization and having them apply to you. [optinlcoker]

Within both practices, the goal remains the same; finding the perfect fit for our organizations. The theoretical difference between the two is that building company attractiveness and drawing employees in will lead to a higher company retention then directly sourcing and recruiting candidates. Therefore, outbound recruiting is seen as more of a short-term fix and may possibly lead to more employee turnover based on the commitment of the employee to the organization.

According to the department of labor, in September the United States had more job openings than people who were unemployed. If this pace continues into the new year, we as recruiters are going to begin to walk that fine line between inbound and outbound recruiting and the different long-term benefits vs short-term needs of our current organizations. This could lead to a very interesting storyline for 2019.

Dept Labor stat-

By Peter Pabon | People Science Sr. Talent Advisor [/optinlocker]


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