Helpful tips for extending a verbal offer

While a verbal offer is not as final as a written offer letter, it is still important that you be prepared to discuss, with the prospective candidate, what is being offered and to do so in a professional and positive manner. Explain all of the details of the offer so that the candidate can, ideally, form a quick decision and you can determine whether the position is filled or if you will need to continue recruitment efforts.

During phone screenings with candidates, it is helpful to speak to the candidate about his/her salary expectations prior to setting up the next steps in the interview process. It is important to make sure that the candidates’ expectations are in line with that of the company he/she is being interviewed for. Not only is this a good way to avoid wasting anyone’s time but it should give you a good sense of what the candidate is looking for in terms of compensation, should he/she be made an offer. Finding out the candidates’ desired pay is also vital because offering a very experienced candidate too low of a salary can be offensive and leave him/her with a bad taste in his/her mouth. Keep in mind the range the candidate is looking for, combined with his/her years of experience, in order to determine the best compensation package that the company is able and willing to offer the candidate.

Once you, as the recruiter, receive approval to make a verbal offer, be sure to move fast! Acquire all the offer details regarding pay, benefits, perks and any other pertinent information. Then make sure that the offer is 100% legitimate and ready to be extended to the candidate. Once confirmed by the Hiring Manager, set aside some time to call the candidate to share the good news with them over the phone. When you extend the offer, be enthusiastic and excited, as this will make the candidate more excited as well. Once the potential employee has all the offer details and is able to make a decision, try to prompt a response from him/her. If the candidate is not quick to verbally accept, do not be afraid to ask him/her what she thinks of the offer.

Be professional and clear when making a verbal offer to a potential candidate. Offer the candidate compensation that is appropriate considering his/her qualifications and desired pay range. Also, be as detailed as possible about all of the great benefits the candidate would be receiving if he/she accepts the offer and do so in an enthusiastic manner. This step in the hiring process is typically the last piece of the candidate experience and the last chance to sell the candidate on becoming a part of your company!

By Kristen Coutsouros | People Science Talent Advisor


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