Discussing Salary in Interviews

You found the perfect candidate that aligns with the job requirements you’re looking to apply for that open position, but what approach should you take when discussing salary in an interview? Start off by reviewing your compensation budget with HR. What can you cap at? Can you add bonus incentives? Is a counteroffer going to be considered with the team if the candidate is looking for more? [optinlocker]

Set up a time to meet with the candidate and learn about their experience in their roles, and the job qualities they can bring to the table. Once you discuss the position in full, lightly bring up salary and their expectations.

If they are looking at the target point, great, you can proceed with making an offer, or finish out other interviews if scheduled for that week before verbally placing the offer on the table. If they’re expecting higher than the compensation your company is offering, then review the plan you went over with HR, if it’s not in the budget and way over the range you’re targeting, please know, this does occasionally happen, and accept walking away from that candidate, keeping them in the pipeline for future positions, and proceed with interviews.

By Jessica Shields | People Science Processor [/optinlocker]


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