Start 2019 with a resolution to work on your career

A new report came out this week which is mind-blowing to me in this candidate market. 60% of people surveyed by did not get a pay raise in 2018. Nor did they get a better paying job this year.

With the economy still struggling to bounce back, companies may still be reluctant to offer a raise in 2019. How can you make sure you are worth that higher paying job? Make it your New Year’s resolution to work on yourself – professionally. Take a class and get certified in a new skill. If you are interested in learning a new aspect of the business, make lunch dates with a colleague on that team and pick their brain. [optinlocker]

Another tip to justify that pay increase is to know what you are worth. There are plenty of sites like and that show you what people in your field in your region are making. Bring this to the negotiation table or have it in your back pocket when an interviewer asks about your compensation requirements.

Finally, make your accomplishments known. Make a list of your successes and the goals that you reached. Did you improve any processes with new procedures? Did you save the company money by negotiating a better service contract? Did you sell over quota? If you can articulate your value you just might be starting 2019 with a higher paying new job.

By Megan Cashion | People Science Talent Advisor II


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