The Other Side of the Recruiting Spectrum

As recruiters, it takes time finding the best possible compatible candidates for jobs that require diverse qualities and functions. But what about candidates finding the best possible recruiters to work with them?

Do we often put ourselves in the place of the candidates and then vice-versa in our shoes as much as we should be? This is the trending Capital Candidate Market after all.

Take a thriving position such as Nursing, a candidate looking for a Nursing career wants to be asked these types of questions; “What is the precise location and swiftness for their lifestyle? Is it a hospital setting, a doctor’s office or even nursing home facilities I’d feel most comfortable in? What kind of hours would a candidate be looking for? Are you looking for early mornings, night shifts or even rotational days with various hours? Are you looking for a larger corporation, or a smaller family-oriented company? [optinlocker]

These are just a few questions to be added into the equation of matching the right candidate with their dream job. Putting in the extra effort and attentive detail to changing someone’s life matters. Put yourself on the other side of the spectrum and even ask yourself, “What would I want in an establishment where I could see myself in as the ideal job? “

By Jessica Shields | People Science Processor [/optinlocker]


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