Skeptical of recruiting companies? Let’s set the record straight.

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While third party recruitment is definitely on the rise, there is still some skepticism regarding recruiting companies on both ends of the individuals and companies in need of them. In the eyes of the prospective candidate one may wonder- Are my best interests at heart? Can I trust the company to find me the right position? A potential client may be worried about a lack of control within the hiring process or a breakdown of communication somewhere along the line, but once the advantages of utilizing a recruiting company are laid out it is difficult to deny their attributions. Below are just a few of the reasons recruiting companies thrive in pairing candidates searching for work within companies in need of amazing employees.

Narrowing your search: Whether you are a new grad looking for work or a seasoned hard worker that is looking to change direction looking for the right position can be overwhelming. The internet can seem like an infinite galaxy of opportunities but with no direction of where to begin. A recruitment company hones in on your prime skills, and finds your best niche.

Connections and support: Great recruiting companies don’t just place an individual on a job but they work as a support system throughout the process. Using a recruiter gives you professional feedback on your resume and coaches you through the entire interview process. Recruiters also have deep networks to source in, they may be contracted with companies an individual alone would not be able to be considered for. They can open doors to opportunities candidates didn’t even know existed.

Qualified Candidates: Finding qualified candidates for a position is no easy task, there are needed credentials, skills, and workplace experience that are used to culminate the perfect candidate. Using a recruiting company saves countless time for their clients by sourcing, recruiting, and managing applicants throughout this process. The recruiters filter through endless resumes and interviews so that the clients are free to utilize their time in the most productive ways.

The follow up: Searching for qualified candidates is tedious and time consuming. Throughout the process there are always the “ones that got away” or the perfect resume that rolled across your desk when there just wasn’t a need. Recruiters hold on to these diamonds in the ruff and also pursue passive candidates fiercely.

It is not a question of if a recruitment company can assist you in your search for a career or if a recruitment company can help you find the industries best candidates but just HOW MUCH can they help. With a clear detailed understatement of what is needed and expected on both ends recruiters are changing the world of hiring one resume at a time.

By Jaclyn Gallo | People Science Talent Advisor – Sourcing Specialist


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