Recruiters are Customer Service Reps in Disguise

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Or are they? Recruiters like to think they are working towards the same overall goals as their client customers but are they really? The answer is, they should always be thinking about their client’s goals. Being cooperative with clients is easier than it appears to be. Ask questions. If you have never worked with this particular hiring manager, then find out what they are like. Ask more follow up questions. You may feel that you are bothering them but it would bother them even more if you send them candidates that don’t fit what they need. Or worse yet, you send them nothing because you are unsure what they need.

Use your experience as a professional to relate to the client/hiring manager. What are they doing at this moment? Are they sitting around and waiting for you to send them candidates? Most times, no, never. They have a leadership position that doesn’t include screening every candidate. Listen, listen, listen. Focus on the current situation for the client/hiring manager.

So much has been debated about the candidate experience but the client’s experience is just as important for recruiters. Recruiters are definitely customer service reps of their respective companies. They may not realize it but every interaction with the hiring manager/client is an opportunity; an opportunity to show off your skills and an opportunity to show your client that you are thinking about their needs. Often times, recruiters get a bad reputation because they do not understand this as being their job.

Did ask questions come up yet? Most hiring managers would rather all of the questions be asked up front so there are no mix ups. A simple follow up with hiring managers and validating their responses makes all the difference in recruiting the most qualified candidates. As a result, when you make the hiring manager/clients experience as simple as possible it will result in a better hire which in turn results in client satisfaction.

By Michael Valentino | People Science Sr Talent Advisor


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