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Everyone wants to be the boss but when you get to that point in your career, how do you balance it all?

As a Client Service manager, I would like to think that I am super flexible but firm at the same time. With a little over 20 employees reporting to me, and that number growing as the company continues to expand, it has been a challenge to maintain the balance necessary to get my work done and manage the team as they need it.

There are a few things I make sure to do with every employee that helps me stay connected to them and the progress they are making along with the struggles they are having. I have one-on-one talks with every employee, group meeting with each team, and weekly reporting; these are all things that I do to stay active in the employee’s work day.

My one-on-one talks with the employees are an open forum; this is where employees can tell me whatever is on their mind and vent out any frustrations they may be dealing with. It’s also a great time to talk about the “wins” that have taken place since we spoke last. I really enjoy the one-on-one talks that I have with the employees as I learn a lot from each and it helps me understand each person a little better and the management style they are most receptive to. Each employee is so unique that they all need to be handled a little bit differently.

I meet with each team once or twice a week. This meeting is not for me; it’s for them!    This is where the team brainstorms new ideas, and discusses the progress that is being made on the project. We discuss the customer and how we can service them best. Team meetings are a lot of fun and productive at the same time.

During the weekly meetings, I also ask the teams to give me their production reporting and view it with them to keep everyone on track and focused. Reporting is so crucial to what we do in recruitment. We know the numbers don’t lie, emotions do. We currently use a CRM, HireGate, that allows each recruiter to track their production and progression as a project continues.

By Lindsey Roundtree | People Science CSM


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