Applicant Tracking Systems = Relationship Management System

by Stephanie Lafferty and Anthony Vodola

Most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that we see on the market today tend to look and feel relatively similar. While you will be able to customize some aspects of the ATS to suit the needs of your internal processes, you’ll find yourself conforming to a number of their standardized options during the implementation stage. This, of course, forces you to disregard your already established and fully effective processes. We’ve all heard this story before. The bottom line is most stock ATS providers, while somewhat customizable, are not as flexible or robust as we’d like them to be. Why then, if we’re aware of this inevitable headache, would we concede to it?

At People Science, because we have yet to find a system that encompasses all the modules we need, we have developed a fully customizable ATS: EMC2. Designed with Albert Einstein’s famous equation in mind, EMC2 is modeled after the scientific realization that when we speak about mass and when we speak about energy, we are referring to two forms of the same thing. In our recruiting continuum there are two elements that appear quite different but in fact hold equal significance: Candidate Processing and Data Collection & Reporting. The thought of instituting anything short of a robust yet agile apparatus that could not work with these elements was out of the question. When the mass of information entering the system doesn’t seem to match the energy output that is being managed, extracted, and reported on all the data captured; it is at that point that one must aim to institute a true Relationship Management System, which is exactly the type of tool the recruiting industry will be in need of in the near future.

The Recruiting Continuum

The Recruiting Continuum


EMC2 is a Relationship Management System (RMS) at its finest; it manages the candidate experience from the initial contact forward, collecting data pertinent to the candidate’s job search, including their historical experience, current work through to their projected career path. This allows available talent pools throughout various industries to be transparent to our recruiters, who then work toward connecting candidates with the right position at the right time. The robustness of EMCmoves away from reactive behaviors and brings the proactivity of our recruiters to a brand new level. To conclude, EMC2 as an RMS maintains not only the collected data on the applicant but also manages the recruiter—candidate relationship, harboring essential quantitative data coupled with a “relationship timeline.” Every candidate wants a recruiter that is out for his or her best interest, and every recruiter needs an endless pipeline at his or her disposal—EMC2 brings these two elements together and provides the relationship in a tangible system.

For more information on how EMC2 can help your company, contact us or give us a call at 888-924-1004.


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