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Applicant Tracking Systems = Relationship Management System

Tweet by Stephanie Lafferty and Anthony Vodola Most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that we see on the market today tend to look and feel relatively similar. While you will be able to customize some aspects of the ATS to suit the needs of your internal processes, you’ll find yourself conforming to a number of their

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Our Response to “So You’re Thinking About Using an RP….No?”
RPO Consulting Agency

In response to Andy Porter’s article So You’re Thinking About Using an RP….No? in Fistful of Talent: Well done Andy—Well done. Our response over here at People Science, the crowd is going crazy. So much so they had to pull me out of a meeting to show me your post. Here’s the thing-RPO has a lot

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Great Myths of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Each recruitment initiative has different challenges and requires a unique solution. One size does not fit all. As Recruitment Process Outsourcing is coming of age we see many varying degrees, many different models, suppliers, expectations and proclamations of success and failure. With so many variables in play, perhaps a good starting point of understanding Recruitment

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