Our Response to “So You’re Thinking About Using an RP….No?”

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In response to Andy Porter’s article So You’re Thinking About Using an RP….No? in Fistful of Talent:

Well done Andy—Well done.

Our response over here at People Science, the crowd is going crazy. So much so they had to pull me out of a meeting to show me your post.

Here’s the thing-RPO has a lot of different definitions that are very dependent on who you speak to, and, there are a lot of different models of RPO..see the varying degrees of RPO. As such the buyer really needs to beware and be aware.

The dilemma we run into is how do we as a third-generation RPO (see varying degrees)—meaning a  partner whose services include what you outlined in 1, 2, and 3-differentiate ourselves. And to that end, we can tell you by personal experience not all companies are looking for an advanced solution.  Some just want more resumes or more candidates-many are just not ready to believe or adjust to a more sophisticated solution.  On the other hand, we often come in when a company has been in an RPO partnership that has provided 1st and 2nd generation services but is now ready for more.

As far as the preaching of cost and turnover reduction-not to make excuses but our industry struggles in getting our messages out and heard.  Additionally, these two metrics are not only attention-getters but in most cases completely true.  The right solution almost always provides a less expensive cost per hire and should always increase retention.  Hell, even the first and second generations providers typically supply them.  The question then becomes, what would you or any buyer really be looking to gain from an RPO? Once you know look for it and don’t settle for anything else.  The right provider is out there you just have to look under the tagline —or you could just call me.

You are what you measure.

Christine Nichlos


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