The Referral Rundown

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In recruitment you will find that one of the best qualities of a great performer lies within their ability to adapt to the ever changing world of talent acquisition. We are chameleons – we accustom our strategies to the various markets we recruit in, to the personality differences of our clients, and to the evolving interview processes we engage in. Despite the constant changes that recruiters face on a daily basis, there remains one, very valuable, constant: REFERRALS.

Traditionally, recruiters rely on respected career sites to create a network and candidate pool that meets the requirements of our clients, but what about the people who have already been hired? Current employees already have access to the social networks of the individuals you want to employ, and may know the perfect candidate for your position. Recruiters need to consider the following benefits of implementing or improving an employee referral program.

Empower current employees: Who doesn’t like it when someone asks them to recommend something? It makes them feel as if they are “in the know”, and that their recommendation is valued. Additionally, when you make a hire from a referral, the new employee could be more inclined to refer other candidates to you. Essentially, you are creating a mini marketing department that will be working behind the scenes to promote open positions.

Minimize Risk: Asking current employees to provide referrals reduces the amount of risk involved throughout the hiring process. When an employee is willing to stake their reputation on the ability of their referral, it speaks volumes on the character of the prospective candidate. In no way does this eliminate all risk, but it does help in gaging whether or not this person would be a cultural match for the organization.

Improve Hiring Timelines: Hiring a referral could drastically cut down the time it takes to process their employment. Referrals come with an implied endorsement from a respected employee; this can absolutely speed up the pre-screening process.

Job Longevity: There is nothing worse than closing a position that has been a thorn in your side, just to have it re-opened due to a resignation. Referrals have a connection within the organization, and tend to be more invested due to their existing ties, resulting in greater job satisfaction.

Although the benefits of recruiting through referrals seem obvious, you would be surprised to hear how often this resource goes untouched. Referrals are hidden treasures in the world of talent acquisition, and could be one of the most effective ways to make a quality hire. With that being said, in your next recruiting effort remind yourself of how valuable referrals can be, and start asking people who they know.

By Danielle East | People Science Team Lead


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