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It’s your first day at your brand-new job, and you can’t even begin to pinpoint all the emotions you are feeling. Your mind is turning with tons of questions, and you are full of apprehension about what your first day will bring. First impressions are everything, and although it’s important to make a good first impression as an employee, it is also just as important for an employer to do the same. Employers need to ask themselves what exactly they need to do to ensure their new employee’s first day is a success.

In some cases, first days can be disorganized based on a lack of planning or unaccounted-for interruptions, but if the following key steps are considered, employers can really wow their new employees and, in turn, set the tone for their entire career at the company.

Prep Current Employees: Confusion can be eliminated by making current employees aware of all new hires. Nothing is worse than arriving for your first day and feeling like no one expected you; it can give off vibes of feeling unwelcomed or unappreciated. To ensure a warm welcome, it is imperative to prepare current employees for the arrival of new ones.

Plan ahead: Be prepared for the arrival of all new employees by having their workstations prepared and any relevant tools and information needed to complete their jobs. Helpful items may include a company phone/email list, organizational and seating charts, and system login information.

Make Introductions and Provide an Office Tour: This may seem like common sense, but without any pre-planning, an office tour and introductions could easily fall by the wayside. Making introductions is a great way to speed up the acclimation process, and encourage connections from the start. The office tour will aid in making a new employee comfortable in new surroundings.

Appoint a Mentor: To ensure a smooth transition for new hires, assign a mentor who is experienced and well versed in existing company policies and procedures. New employees can use their mentors as a knowledge resource to guide them in uncertain circumstances and situations.

Ask for feedback: Meet with the new employee to obtain feedback. This is a great opportunity to have a quick Q&A session at the end of the day, and gage whether or not they have the information needed to be successful. This is also an excellent opportunity to use this feedback to better prepare for future new starts.

The first day of employment truly lays the groundwork for a new hire’s perception of an organization. Although there will be much more training and mentoring involved getting them up to speed, making them feel important and valued on their first day can enhance their opinion of the organization they are working for, and in turn ensure a seamless transition into the workplace.

By Danielle East | People Science Team Lead


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