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Interviewing for new positions, even considering leaving your current position, can be very stressful. Below are a few quick tips that can be helpful when interviewing for new opportunities.

  1. Always do your homework: Read the company website. Employers can get insulted if you are asked “have you had a chance to look at the company site” and you have not. Employers research your background before they call you, you should do the same.
  2. Look the part: When you interview for a position always dress professionally, when you look good you feel good! In most cases a suit is always the way to go! This will also apply when you are doing multiple interviews for the same position. Being over dressed for an interview is never a bad thing.
  3. Be prepared: Always bring a few copies of your resume even if you are told a copy of your resume is on file. Personally I take notes on resumes as I speak with candidates, and having clean copies in your file is always a plus.
  4. Be on time, but not too early: An interview should never be rushed. Being on time will give the interviewer ample time to assess your background and it also shows your dedication to the positions that you are interviewing for, and gives the interviewer a sense that you are reliable and will show up to work on time. With that being said don’t show up an hour early for an interview. That adds pressure to the interviewer to see you earlier than intended and that could reflect on you in a negative light. You want the interviewer to remember you for a positive reason, not because they had to stop their day to interview you.
  5. Sending a thank you: To do this you can ask for a business card while you are interviewing, or network on Social media to find contact information. With technology as wonderful as it is today, it’s easier than ever and a great way to keep your information and name in front of the interviewer.

Interviews don’t have to be stressful. If you can try to follow the steps above you will be prepared and confident when going into the unknown. Remember interviewers are people too!

By Lindsey Roundtree | People Science CSM


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