Recruiter Confessions: I like some interviews better than others

Throughout my experience as a recruiter, I can say one of the best feelings is finishing up an interview with an impressive candidate who just totally nailed it. There is no denying I’m completely immersed in applications, resumes, and interviews on a daily basis, so there are key factors that stand out to me. These key factors are what keep us recruiters sane; they help us filter out tons of non-relevant information to find the bulls-eye, star-studded talent our clients desire. Recruiter opinions definitely vary on what quantifies a successful interview, and today I’ll share my key factors:

Preparation: When a candidate prepares and engages in preliminary research before the interview, it showcases their interest in the company. I love when a candidate knows the mission and values of the company they’re interested in, but I love it even more when they can tie their professional goals back to those of the organization. Only well-prepared applicants can do this, and that’s why preparation makes me happy!

Excitement: When a candidate is obviously excited about the position, it makes me excited. It helps set the tone for the conversation, and shows me that they’re eager and enthusiastic. Excitement is a standout attribute that makes a candidate memorable for me; it creates a lasting impression that is integral in a sea of candidates.

No Canned Answers: I’ve heard every generic response under the sun, and it’s completely boring and ineffective. I love the details; they provide me with greater insight to a candidate’s resume and show me they can actually speak to their experience.

No Digging Required: Elaboration is a good thing. I enjoy when a candidate provides un-prompted examples to answer my questions. There have been interviews where I feel like I’m exerting way too much effort to uncover information, whereas a strong candidate is forthcoming with this information. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a fine line between sharing and oversharing, but all-star candidates walk this line with grace.

Sincerity: Effective communication is an obvious marker for a potentially excellent candidate, so it always impresses me when they come across as authentic and sincere. This authenticity gives me a glimpse into their personality, and whether or not they could be a cultural fit for my clients.

Assessing interview performance will not always be so cut and dry, but these key factors have been effective for me in identifying the right talent for my clients. I’ve found that these elements have been at the heart of all of my favorite interviews, and I’m positive that other recruiters out that will feel the same!

By Danielle East | People Science Team Lead


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    Thanks for sharing a nice post.It is really an amazing feeling when we do face to face meeting with a talented candidate who is very passionate about his work.

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