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I learned early on in my recruiting career that success was dependent on my ability to build meaningful relationships. The key is to be better at building these relationships than your competition.  It’s not always about the data and metrics, but about creating memorable connections – after all, the hiring managers and candidates we work with are only human.

Becoming your hiring manager’s favorite recruiter is not an easy task. Your interpersonal skills will determine whether you succeed or fail, so staying in regular contact is the key. Steady contact helps you become familiar with the personalities of your hiring managers and how to best communicate with them.

I work with a variety of personalities, and I’ve learned to flex my style of communication to reflect theirs. Some conversations are short and sweet, based solely on hiring; while others possess a bit more fluff, perhaps laughing about a funny story or sharing our weekend plans. Once your hiring manager realizes that you are relatable, you’ve created a common ground, which is the springboard for your relationship.

Proactive practices and quality results will ensure a level of trust remains between you and your client. We all know rock star resumes do not equal rock star candidates, so it’s your job to do the digging to determine culture fit. The very relationship you worked so hard to build will give you an inside glimpse into your client’s personal hiring preferences, which ultimately sets you apart from your competition. Thriving recruiters realize the importance of the smallest details, and use them to their advantage throughout the hiring process.

Delivering quality results and being consistent will not only strengthen your partnership with your hiring manager, it will result in an appreciation and respect for the way you go about your work. If you are diligent in providing a quality candidate experience, you’re increasing your credibility and showing you’re committed to outstanding service. That means all of your candidates should be well-informed and excited about the position, because in the end, it’s a reflection of your conversation with them.

It requires focus, dedication, and a certain amount of expertise to build a meaningful partnership. Every professional interaction, whether large or small, contributes to your overall brand image and impacts your hiring manager’s view of you. Understanding this concept early on will be the first step to becoming your client’s favorite recruiter.

By Danielle Engstrom | People Science Team Lead


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