Automating a pre-employment assessment process will benefit organizations from the ground floor.

The U.S. unemployment rate continues to sit steady around 3.8% and as we move to a more automated or AI driven workforce, companies have become increasingly focused on candidates’ soft skills in order to determine whether to make a hire. The ability to evaluate a candidate’s soft skills can really make or break a hire within the current job market. With that being said, there are some companies who are still going off their gut when it comes to evaluating soft skills. This does not allow the recruitment process to function most effectively. One of the better ways to standardize this within the hiring process is pre-employment assessments.

Pre-employment assessments have now evolved to the point where they are effectively identifying candidates who possess the exact soft skills companies are looking for. Without using a set standard of automated assessments, there are too many variables that can come in to play including many unconscious biases. Companies who have been able to identify the exact soft skills they are looking for and implementing them within an automated pre-employment assessment have a leg up on the competition starting in their recruitment process.


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