Risk Factors in Contract and Temporary Employment

As hiring increases, companies are steadily bringing in additional contract and temporary workers. Fully understanding the guidelines of co-employment can be instrumental in safeguarding your organization from liabilities. Following is the list of factors most utilized by the IRS in determining the status as an employee.

  • Is the individual reimbursed for expenses?
  • Does the individual have the right to terminate the relationship with the employer?
  • Does the employer have the right to discharge the individual?
  • Does the employee hire, fire, and pay assistants?
  • Is the individual paid by time rather than projects?
  • Does the individual make his services available to the general public?
  • Does the individual work at more than one firm at a time?
  • Is the individual required to follow instructions?
  • Are the services rendered personally?
  • Is there an established set amount of work hours?
  • Does the individual work on the employer’s premises?

People Science is certified in co-employment. If you have any questions regarding this list or if you would like to discuss your recruitment needs, call us at 1-888-924-1004.


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