Characteristics of a Great Talent Acquisition Leader

In recruiting more so than most business processes, you must focus heavily on the controllable factors Because recruiting results have a high dependency on the uncontrollable—People, it is very important to fully comprehend the necessity to perform the controllable portions of recruitment with high proficiency.

In other words, focus realistically on the factors you can control as compared to the ones you can’t. In recruiting, you must focus heavily on the controllable factors. Frequently, recruiting results can become dependent upon uncontrollable factors. People are unpredictable by nature. As a result, it is necessary to use optimize the controllable portions of the process.

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Steps in Talent Acquisition

The Recruiting Continuum

Successful Talent Acquisition leaders are fully aware of the varying aspects of the recruiting continuum. They understand the inter-reliance of each part and manage each at high efficiencies. These leaders acknowledge that recruitment is dependent on the pool of talent from which it pulls. Having a clear understanding of this pool and its capabilities to produce quality and quantity of hires is crucial. The best leaders know when their talent pool will be exhausted and are able to create solutions to match the market’s needs:

  • Redistributing work to different geographies with stronger candidates.
  • Lowering the candidate qualifications as well as increasing the company’s training methods.
  • Assuring there is an accurate workforce plan in effect at all times.

Most importantly, the best leaders have strong communication and trust with their hiring managers.

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