What makes a successful recruiter?


To be successful you will need to provide your company and clients with candidates that are going to make an impact. Each recruiter’s strategy may be a little different but here are 5 habits that will help a new recruiter become a successful one.

  1. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Have a clear company strategy in mind that you can refer to whenever you are looking to fill a position.

  1. Dig Deeper

Remember – the big picture is to find a candidate that will fit the company’s culture; but will also be qualified for the position. Take the time to identify which characteristics or values that a successful candidate will have.

  1. Think Outside of the Box

Emphasize the key job expectations when talking to a candidate. If you want to engage passive candidates, you need to figure out how to target effectively for a career move. Try to imagine the career story of your top three ideal candidates. What roles did they fill before? What skills did they possess that made them a good fit? Once you’ve answered questions like these, you’ll have a better idea of how to make your job postings resonate with passive candidates. [optinlocker]

  1. Constantly Self-Improve

Try new marketing tactics, test your actions and apply what you’ve learned to strengthen your job ads. Also, stay up-to-date on the latest recruiting news and best practices so that you can leverage the information.

  1. Be Proactive

Instead of focusing entirely on current open roles, start thinking about the future hiring needs of your organization. Are certain departments growing? Are any leaders planning on retiring soon? Based on your company’s expectations, start building a strong talent network of prospective candidates who would excel in the roles that may become available. As a result, you’ll be prepared to source once the company decides to hire for that position.

Becoming a great recruiter takes persistence, strategy, and the passion to connect organizations with the right candidates. If you have the will to succeed, along with the right tactics and tools, you can start working on your recruiting skills. Incorporate these five recruitment practices into your day-to-day functions to improve your actions and produce great results.

By Artyse Esannason | People Science Talent Advisor [/optinlocker]


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