The Calm Before the Storm

As we start to get into the winter weather months it’s always good to have a plan in place for those days when the weather gets too extreme.

All depending on where you’re from, the weather this time ofyear can be a big pain when it comes to getting to work. When mother nature decides not to cooperate you must worry about the safety of yourself and your staff. Having the right measures in place for your technology can make or break whether your company can be productive during the harsh winter weather months.

Some of the things that you should make sure are in place are:

  • A plan for the days when you and your staff if can’t make it in.  A good contingency plan makes sure that everyone is on the same page and knows who to contact and what to do when the weather gets bad.
  • The ability to answer your company phone even if you’re not in the office.  A phone system that has the capability to allow you to answer your company lines on your cellphone while away from the office can be crucial. Any good phone system should have an app that you can download to your cellphone that allow you to do so. Especially if you have clients that aren’t affected by the weather geographically and still need to be in contact with you, or for candidates that might have questions or are going to interviews. Being able to stay in contact can be crucial. [optinlocker]
  • VPN/Remote capabilities for your recruiters is a must. A lot of times there are important documents or other resources that can only be accessed from your office servers. Having the technology in place to give access to those resources can be a huge productivity saver and allows the recruiter to continue to do their job to the best of their ability. You don’t want to lose a day of production because a recruiter couldn’t access resources that they need to do their job.
  • Making sure that your staff knows the plan, and the technology is working for them before an issue occurs. This can be a big deal if you run into an issue where weather problems might happen overnight, and you still need to be able to work in the morning. Ensuring that your staffcan access and use all the technology you have in place is very important. You can take all the right steps to make sure that your staff has the technology they need to be successful in bad weather, but if they can’t use the technology then it’s almost useless at that point. Following up with your staff and makingsure everyone is up and running before something major hits can save you a lotof time when it does hit. Use that time during the calm before the storm!

Of course, with all these pieces in place it still doesn’t mean that there won’t be issues when the time comes. If staff loses power or internet at home, it can make those steps above ineffective. You can’t always count on everything going perfectly, but with these steps in place you can make sure that you can do the best job you can of being as productive as possible and not lose a day of recruiting. Your boss will thank you along with your clients and candidates.

By Brian Easley | People Science Director of IT [/optinlocker]


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