Understanding that fine line between aggressive and assertive.

While working in recruiting, or the sales field, one of the more difficult things I have realized is finding that fine line between aggressiveness and assertiveness. Finding yourself on the wrong side of this line can come across in a negative way for potential buyers or candidates. The goal is to be persistent and persuasive, while not coming across as attacking.

When speaking with a client or candidate, it is necessary to come across as confident while also being understanding of the wants and needs of your counterpart. If the conversation begins to get too one-sided, the client or candidate may begin to feel devalued; and your assertiveness has crossed the line to aggression.

When the client feels that you are being aggressive, they do not feel that you are putting their needs first. This will lead to a negative client/candidate experience. Presenting yourself confidently and assertively while also exuding a mutual respect will lead to the most positive outcome in the long term. Long term relationships with candidates and buyers are always the most profitable.

By Peter Pabon | People Science Talent Solutions Advisor


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