The Interview Process

You applied for the job of your interest, and completed a phone interview about your background and the position, but what are the next steps after the screen, and how long should the process be?

Always send a “Thank You Letter” to the recruiter or hiring manager you spoke with, even when it is a phone screen. Allow for them to respond back with an update on the next steps. If the recruiter provides a timeline, make sure to follow up at the end of the business day if you do not hear back on the day they advised. Keep your interest known for this position.

If you make it to the onsite interview round, be sure to study, send thank you letters to each interviewer individually, and follow up with a plan on when this position is looking to be filled and when you’ll hear back. Being on top of the interview stages will get you noticed as a strong candidate by the hiring manager.

By Jessica Shields | People Science Processor


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