Planning your interview from start to finish will allow you to maintain a professional relationship with a candidate.

Interview etiquette is a two-way street. As recruiters, we expect an interview to go a certain way and expect candidates to behave in a certain manner. We have various standards that we expect candidates to adhere to. These standards can include anything from posture and eye contact to tone of voice and proper speech. If we are placing these types of initial standards on our candidates, the candidates should realistically be able to hold us as recruiters to the same type of standards. After all, we are their first interaction/impression of a company. Planning out the opening of an interview will allow the interview to stay on a clear path from start to finish and assures that our interview etiquette is up to the same standard we hold candidates to. [optinlocker]

The way we present ourselves within the interview is a first impression of how we are to be viewed as a company.  The candidate can also begin to absorb some of the feel for the company by the way certain questions are posed and the initial lead into the interview. While trying to make a candidate feel comfortable during the initial stages of an interview, we as recruiters must understand the fine line between a professional ice breaker type joke and divulging stories that allow candidates to learn too much.  We normally have a plan for the body of an interview so why shouldn’t we plan out that initial stage when getting to know a candidate. Planning out the first minutes of an interview can allow the interviewer to stay on course while making the candidate feel comfortable and giving off a positive first impression for the company.

By Peter Pabon | People Science Sr. Talent Advisor [/optinlocker]


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