How to Develop and Maintain a Successful Relationship with a Hiring Manager


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One of the key elements to an effective recruitment process is a successful relationship between the Recruiter and the Hiring Manager. Without this, the quality and quantity of candidates submitted are irrelevant. To establish this relationship, there are certain criteria that must be met from the very beginning.

• Set Clear Expectations – From the initial meeting/phone call, define exactly what is expected from both parties. What are the end goals? How will you reach these goals as a “team”? Learn about each other’s work habits and what will work best for your working relationship.

• Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! – Throughout the process, constant communication is probably the most important part to keeping the relationship strong. Establishing a weekly call in the beginning is very important, not only to discuss the progress and review candidates, but to make sure that you are both on and, most importantly, stay on the same page. In most cases, the communication will be more frequent (sometimes multiple times a day), but knowing that there will be at least one touch point a week will help to keep things organized.

• Form a Partnership – Recruiters do not want to be seen as a “paper pusher” and Hiring Managers definitely do not have the time to look through stacks of resumes. By working as a team, it allows both parties to focus on what they do best. In a strong relationship, there needs to be trust and collaboration. Establishing a process and a timeline for reviewing resumes and providing feedback is helpful to both the Recruiter and Hiring Manager, and also crucial to establishing a positive candidate experience. Detailed feedback from the Hiring Manager is also key, as it helps the Recruiter to learn how whether they are on target and when and where they may have missed the mark.

Hiring the right candidate is essential to the success of an organization. The relationship between the Hiring Manager and Recruiter will either make or break this process. With clear expectations, strong communication and teamwork, the process can be smooth and effective for all.

By Laurie Mullins-Darcy | People Science Sr Talent Advisor


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