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Successful project planning is a lot like a game of chess. Take starting a new project and assigning key team roles, for example. It can be a daunting task. You need to make strategic decisions, have a well-planned goal, and execute smart moves consistently.

Decisions, Decisions
As a supervisor who is constantly engaged with your staff and keeping a pulse on individual performance, you can quickly identify each person’s core strengths and recognize where they will add the most value to the project.

At People Science we developed the recruiter/candidate tracking system HireGate to measure and evaluate individual performance. Along with the recruiter production data we pull from HireGate, we communicate with our teams to understand what drives them and makes their work satisfying. It’s no secret that a happy employee is a productive employee.

Having that data and an open line of communication lets you truly understand the full capacity of your team and make better decisions when placing your pieces on the board.

Set Goals
We all know that no sound project plan can be successful without goals. Be prepared to set realistic, measurable goals that can be tracked on a daily basis. Having historical recruiter production data on hand can be a huge help. Once you set your goals, you can avoid any late surprises by maintaining transparency when monitoring progress between the team member and supervisor.

Executing Smart Moves
With goals in place and real time data to rely on, you can stop at any point and measure the project’s success. At times you may find you’re not hitting your anticipated goals. In order to get on track again, it’s important to execute smart, immediate changes. To better understand the story of why you’re missing the mark, go back to that all-powerful data. Change the strategy and up your game. Work with your team and your resources to make solid decisions based on the data and with an understanding of your team’s skill set.

Although the best laid plans can often veer off-course, you’ll always have a solid stepping block to success in your project outcomes by making smart planning decisions from the beginning, setting attainable, measurable goals, and always having the right information to help you make the best strategic moves.

By Jessica Oberto | People Science Director of Process Engineering


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