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At a time when many companies are busy putting together their annual and quarterly reports, the question of how best to provide data comes to mind often. Of course you want to provide your clients with the data that they need. This is particularly true at times when contracts are up for review.

Whether you are providing the client their information via Excel spreadsheets and written wrap-up reports, or PowerPoint presentations with all of the “bells & whistles”, your job is to extract the most relevant information to present, and have the remainder of the information available to answer questions as they come up.

Here at People-Science, recruiting candidates for different types of RPO clients means having to track and report on different types of metrics. The data and reports that we provide for a full RPO client are often different than what we collect and report on for a client who is only using our services for the recruiting portion of their process.

Our database, HireGate, can be configured individually for each client we take on, so that we can easily record whatever information the client would like to track.

Because we collect candidate data for the client from the very first outreach, People Science is able to supply reporting that runs the gamut from sourcing reports to recruiter production to where hired candidates were sourced. There are a myriad of reports – both pre-formatted and dynamic – that People Science has available to report on its clients’ data.

Need to know how many potential candidates had to be sourced to fill that call center position? We have a report to tell you that. Want to find out how many contacts your recruiters are making for a particular location? We’ve got that information. Want to know if your candidates are declining a position because of distance? We can track that. Would you like to be able to reach out to the candidate again when their current contract assignment ends? We can set a reminder from within the system.

All of these capabilities help direct our Talent Acquisition efforts for our clients. How does the data that you collect power your Talent Acquisition efforts?

Want to know more about HireGate or People Science RPO? Contact us at: [email protected], or call us at 888-924-1004.

By Sherry Arlt | People Science Processor


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