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I came across some great advice. It said “always do more then what you are paid to do. Look at it as though you are making an investment in your future”. What great advice! Basically, no matter what your job is you will always be able to progress, so long as you are willing to put in the work and always do more then you get paid for. The by-product of doing this is that you will become wildly successful, and a model employee that companies will want to duplicate; and that’s the by-product! But the actual value is the person you are becoming on the inside. Until you make some changes and adjustments to your internal body and internal philosophy, then you will not be able to affect the things that are in the outside world.
Becoming a more valuable person on the inside can’t be measured by numbers. It is measured by the things you “touch”. Try to “touch” everything that you do or interact with. You will slowly start to see that other parts of your life are beginning to get better because of the way you feel from your current accomplishment(s); everything is connected! The good feeling you get from the gym, translates into feeling good at work, which in turns brings in higher production from you, which will at the very least put you in a more advantageous spot then you are currently in regardless of the environment.
You see it doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling. It is a matter of making a few simple changes in actions and thought. Those two things will change the course of your life, and that will undoubtedly yield better results for you in the end. Give it a shot. Make a few small adjustments in your day and stick to them. You will see that getting on the path of success is not difficult, just a different road then most people chose to take.

By Edwin Puello | People Science Talent Advisor


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