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At People Science, we challenge ourselves daily on exceeding our clients’ expectations. Many of our clients come to us with one need in mind then throughout the partnership, we uncover other opportunities to strengthen their process; and in the end surpass their original goals with unexpected outcomes. How we work towards exceeding expectations is built around communication, inclusiveness, staying ahead of the game and foreseeing issues, as well as having a dedicated Strategy Team.

The first key to exceeding expectations is to understand them. In the first few weeks of a new client partnership, we start with a detailed implementation plan that begins with “Learning and Discovery” – focused heavily on communication. Through listening to the client, asking questions, and learning their current process, we are able to make objective suggestion(s) as to where we can add value and improve the process.

The next step is to build a successful partnership that is built around inclusiveness. This means that we look to understand the expectations of all involved in the recruitment process, not just from the top of HR; but also from stakeholders such as the Administrative Assistant to the Hiring Manager involved in the recruitment process, their feedback and knowledge can be very valuable. Not only can they help to make more sense out the process, but their participation in being part of the solution can help gain their trust in the partnership as well. Understanding what everyone involved values out of the partnership is key to exceeding.

Part of exceeding expectations includes staying ahead of the game and foreseeing problems and designing solutions before the client is impacted. No one has a crystal ball, but you can use past experience and stealth reporting to predict the future. With our proprietary software, HireGate, we are able to provide up to the minute, versatile reporting that can be a game changer for clients, giving them strength and knowledge in data. Market data, candidate source origination, and time to fill reporting can be your best allies in staying on the path to success and avoiding pitfall.

Finally, our Strategy Team is always focused on making sure our clients are achieving goals and working towards process improvement. Each of our clients benefit from this dedicated, highly specialized team that provides strategic and consultative support. Always focused on quality and efficiency, the Strategy Team is the foundation that drives successful outcomes and manages towards building advocates.

This mix of communication, experience and strategy are really the essential ingredients in managing expectations that go above and beyond our clients’ needs. Not only does this benefit our clients, but it benefits us as individuals and as a team by continually challenging ourselves to do better and break our own boundaries. It ignites deeper purpose in what we do; providing stronger satisfaction in our work.

What do you think it takes to exceed expectations? How has someone exceeded expectations for you recently? Comment, or send me a note at [email protected]

By Jessica Oberto | People Science Director of Processing and Implementation


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