Be a Recruitment Consultant – Many are Counting on You

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As recruiters, numerous professionals rely on us every day including candidates, hiring managers, supervisors, and business partners. With all of these clients to juggle, as a recruiter it’s important not to lose sight of your end goal: to place great candidates into great positions.

Here are some golden rules:

  • Be helpful, be flexible, and communicate frequently with your client and with your candidates
  • Be consistent in counseling your candidates about the correct resume format or how to prepare for an interview. Take nothing for granted, regardless of their level of experience. Go the extra mile. Help others – especially hiring managers – by thinking outside the box.

For example, have you ever asked candidates the question: what do you want to do in your career? This question can open the door to so many areas of advice that can be given and isn’t it better than you ask it before the hiring manager does? Especially when it hasn’t been made clear on a resume; provide assistance to candidates and offer feedback about their job search and career aspirations. Having that dialogue can enable you to ascertain if the candidate will be a cultural fit for your organization.

Remember, even if your candidate or the hiring manager are considered to be industry experts, you will benefit them by going off script and talking about these matters. As a Recruiter, you are the one with the experience and knowledge to select right-fit candidates. By leveraging your own assets, you’ll be a much sought-after talent acquisition consultant who delivers value to all of the audiences with whom you interact throughout the recruiting continuum.

By Michael Valentino | People Science Recruiting Manager


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