Bringing Structure into the Chaotic World of Recruiting

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Working as a recruiter has its ups and downs, twists and turns – similar to a roller coaster. One day can go smoothly: you find multiple candidates who are interested in the opportunity you have to offer, resulting in the accomplishment of your daily goal. Then the opposite occurs: every potential candidate you speak to rejects each selling point for the role you are working on. The day drags on and your manager is on your back about not meeting your goal.

However, bringing structure to your day can increase your chances of having more ups than downs and help you overcome hurdles more easily.

Each morning when I sit down at my desk, the first thing I do is check my calendar to see what kind of day I might have. Then I set up desktop with everything I know I will need. Preparation is vital for accomplishing necessary tasks each day. No one can be prepared for everything that may come up, but if you lay out a solid foundation and have your tools ready, it can make a huge difference.

You may be saying to yourself, I do that already and I still have days that are really difficult to handle. It comes down to your attitude. Having a positive attitude can assist you in overcoming daily obstacles.

Using your email calendar is also useful in planning out your day. Be sure to block off time for sourcing, interviews, and even lunch. I am sure there have been plenty of days, as a recruiter, when you worked right through your lunch break and by the end of the day you were worn out. Take a break! Unwind so you can recharge your batteries for an hour and then jump back into it. Thinking clearly and being full of energy can only put the odds in your favor for finishing out the day strong. Taking some time to recharge mid-day increases the chances that you will accomplish all of your responsibilities for the day and still have time to set up for the next day.

Preparation and putting structure in each and every day is half the battle. The rest is up to you. That said, it’s also important to stay flexible. Go with the flow of life. Recognize that not everything will go according to plan.

It takes hard work, dedication, and a little structure to be successful no matter what you do for a living. If you follow my recommendations, I am confident you will see a difference in your career.

By Vincent Buontempo | People Science Talent Advisor II – Recruiter


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