Dedication and Discipline

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Natural talent only determines where you start; it is dedication and discipline in your life that makes you great. Throughout your life, there are ups and downs, twists and turns – similar to how each day is when you are a recruiter. There are going to be those days where everything goes right: finding candidates goes smoothly, you have productive conversations with multiple individuals, and you meet the goals put in place by your manager.

Now, do days like this always happen? Of course not. This is when the two words I mentioned before come into play, dedication and discipline, in addition to coming up with a great strategy to accomplish what must be done.

During those tough days, we are faced with a series of challenges that can be very similar to quicksand – one thing goes wrong, then another and then a negative mindset sinks in. But don’t be discouraged, because it forces a recruiter to figure out “How do I get through this? Can I break through this barrier to find the candidates needed for the roles?”

Situations like these are when a recruiter learns more about themselves compared to when everything goes smoothly. What I mean by that is it forces the individual to take a step back to analyze what has been done up to that point and figure out where they went wrong, as well as what seems to be working. He or she can find out that they are capable of reaching their goals no matter what is put in front of them; the feeling of accomplishment is such a powerful form of motivation.

Some recommendations that I have are similar to what was mentioned before. It is important to take a step back periodically throughout the day to go over your progress and potentially figure out where there can be room for improvement. Sometimes, even when you walk away from your desk for a few minutes and come back to what you were doing, it will allow you to decompress, relieve some stress and re-focus your efforts, which is all someone needs. Learn from your mistakes and realize not everything will go the way you want it to, but never give up, stay focused and drive through those obstacles.

By Vincent Buontempo | Talent Advisor II


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