The Importance of Maintaining Strong Relationships with Your Recruiter

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They say timing is everything, and in recruiting, it is. Career situations can change pretty fast these days, with contracts that can end abruptly, downsizing, or changing family situations. For example, you may need to cut down a commute to be closer to your home for your loved ones. You try to remember that recruiter who called you with an interesting job a few weeks prior, but you were happy with your job at the time so you did not continue the conversation. Maybe you just didn’t have time to talk when the recruiter called you because you were headed into a meeting.

Talent Acquisition Specialists are there not only to inform you of what positions they have open; they are often career counselors as well. They can help you understand market trends and what is going on in certain industries. As a recruiter of many years, I keep in touch with candidates I have worked with in the past and I think of them immediately when I get a position I know would be a great fit. I connect with them, see how they are doing, and inform them of the position (or positions) that I have available, even if it is not what they are looking for at the time.

This also helps them stay well informed of what they are worth for their years of experience and what the competitors are offering in the same geographic area. Perhaps they can even help a friend out who has a similar background and is out-of-work; in this case, the recruiter/potential candidate relationship is mutually beneficial.

Luckily, we have websites like LinkedIn that make it easier to stay connected with the subject matter experts of the job market. While utilizing these tools to stay connected, we must remember that communication is key. When a recruiter calls, a quick conversation with them could be all the difference. If you are happy with your job but would like to be called back in a few months, let them know that and schedule a call with them closer to the time you are ready to start looking. If there is something you would like them to look out for, such as a shorter commute or a higher salary, you should let them know to keep an eye out for you. Would you like to work in a certain industry or for a particular corporation? Your recruiting professional can help.

A recruiter is a great, free resource who is always ready and happy to help you meet your career goals. Recruiters are the eyes and the ears in-tune with the market and are here to help simplify your life. Just remember, recruiters get pretty busy as well trying to help as many people as they can, so do not be afraid to give them a call to remind them of where you are in your job search or to update them if anything has changed so they can help you out. Building relationships with industry professionals can benefit you greatly and for the recruiter… Well, who doesn’t like the satisfaction of a job well done?

By Laurie Zieman | People Science Sr Talent Advisor


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