Relating to the Candidate’s Need

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One of the most rewarding factors of recruiting is finding the perfect person their perfect position. We all know the job hunting process can sometimes be a stressful one. Whether the candidate has been job searching for two days or two months, it can be a daunting process to think of where you will spend the next step in your professional career, so I like to try to put myself in the candidate’s position, and treat them how I would like to be treated, by making the hiring process as quick and easy as possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes the hiring process isn’t that quick. From my personal experience, I have been told that I was hired for a job, but the specific timeline for a start date wasn’t clear. The employer themselves may be waiting on a new assignment to begin, and that may determine the candidate’s start date. So making sure that information is conveyed to the candidate from the start so that they have realistic expectations is crucial to keep them happy and in the know.

One of the best ways to make the hiring process quick and easy is to be upfront with the candidate about what the employer will require from them. For some positions it could be just as simple as asking for a resume or filling out an application. Other positions, may require a professional portfolio, photos or documentation of previous work, or special licenses that allow the person to work in that state. Letting the candidate know these things are required, will give them time to update their information if necessary.  Making it a priority to receive these documents upfront can allow the candidate to be ready to move to the next step quickly, the interview process!

The interview process tends to vary depending on the job, but usually covers the same basic topics. When I am interviewing a candidate, I always ask about their previous experience, and what they have learned throughout their work experience, and what knowledge they hope to gain in their next role. The work/home life balance is also as big factor in job choice. Hours, benefits, vacation time, the ability to work from home when necessary, are all big deciding factors on whether that job is right for you. So I make sure to give the candidate as much detail as possible about what perks the employer provides and how they can benefit their life and future.

After the interview and information session, and if all their qualifications meet the employer’s expectations, then it’s up to the candidate to decide what’s right for them.  Switching jobs is a big decision, so if they ask for some time to think it over, or discuss it with a spouse, I give them the time and space to do so. Career moves are a major factor in everyone’s life, and sometimes a decision that major just can’t be rushed. So patience and understanding is key when recruiting!

Treat all candidates how you would want to be treated, and that will ensure their happiness with your performance and your success as a thoughtful and dedicated recruiter.

By Leah Roundtree | People Science Talent Advisor


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