Time Management: How to Keep Up with Recruiting Priorities

In any profession, especially recruiting, it is important to keep up with priorities and tasks. It is all too easy to get overwhelmed and forget important tasks.

Here are some tips to keeping up with time management while recruiting:

  • Use your applicant tracking system. A tool like HireGate is a great way to set reminders and keep track of candidates.
  • Remember everything has a priority. A helpful way to prioritize is: making offers and following up on outstanding offers, setting up interviews, keeping up communication with HMs, screens, sourcing.
  • Ensure your screening time is balanced with other tasks. If you book screenings, try not to book so many screenings in one day as to not keep up with other tasks. Keeping up with phone time is important, but so is ensuring you get the rest of your work completed.
  • Make time for sourcing. Some of the best candidates are sourced candidates, applicants tend to apply to many jobs at the same time and sometimes drop out of the process more easily.
  • Utilize available tools for time management, the Outlook calendar is very helpful. It is also good to keep to-do lists using things like Trello or Excel so as not to forget important items.
  • Make sure you are leaving time for lunch, don’t get so busy you forget to eat. It might be helpful to block off time on your Outlook calendar to eat lunch.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask someone for help. Organizations aim to be team-oriented, and it is good to support coworkers during busy times.

By Melissa Steele | People Science Talent Advisor I


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