Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work?


Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work? Are you afraid that your busy workload is affecting the candidate experience? Well, don’t fear, a solution is here! Utilizing organization techniques in your daily work can help you eliminate stress, stay on top of things, and ensure that candidates receive the timely responses and feedback necessary to deliver a great candidate experience. Some quick and simple organization techniques to implement into your daily routine are utilizing and color coding your email calendar, creating a candidate log Excel spreadsheet, and keeping a to-do list.

Make sure that you never miss an interview with a potential employee or forget a call with a Hiring Manager or Client by taking advantage of your email calendar. There are many great features to it that will help make everything a little bit easier on you. Set yourself reminders that alert you in advance so you can gather your thoughts and prepare for your call. You can also use the color-coding feature to differentiate your appointments. This way, from a quick glance you will be able to tell what you have going on that day. This is a simple, time-efficient way to stay organized and maintain some sanity!

Without organization, things will tend to slip through the cracks and become lost or forgotten. In the business of recruiting, it is important to stay on top of everything that is going on in order to make sure that no candidate gets left behind! Creating an Excel Spreadsheet to log all your candidates in play, will ensure that you follow up with them throughout their time in the hiring process. Set up your spreadsheet so that you can easily see which stage of the hiring process each candidate is at. This will provide you with a quick and easy reference when you need to check up on someone fast.  Including an additional column for notes will help you keep track of any important information you may receive from the candidate or client. This is a simple reference tool that can help keep you at ease and help when you need a status update on a candidate at a moment’s notice. [optinlocker]

Do you ever think of something you need to do while you are working on something else? This happens all the time and is completely normal when you have multiple things going on at once, especially in recruiting. Make work more organized for yourself by keeping a simple to-do list that you can easily refer to and check off once completed. You can even utilize the “Sticky Notes” Application on your desktop to make a quick to-do list for yourself to reference. Make note of the action items you remember out of the blue and, therefore, ensure that you will complete them later. This is a great help when you start to feel overwhelmed because it highlights the important items that need to be completed and allows you to keep a concise list of what still needs to be done. The satisfaction from crossing items off your list will be a great stress relief in itself!

What candidates want from a hiring experience is a good stream of communication from their potential future employer. The candidate does not want to be left wondering what happened to their employment application or how their interview went. By staying organized and utilizing your Excel spreadsheet to keep track of when candidates are in and out of the interviews, you can feel at ease that no candidate will be left hanging without a response or follow up email. Setting reminders in your calendar for your phone screens and follow-ups with candidates will help you stay on time and appear attentive and eager for your conversations with prospective employees. This helps to create a professional and positive company image where future job seekers will want to apply!

Lastly, remember that not everyone can remember everything all the time, so make yourself a simple to-do list of things that must get done. It is better to jot down a list of tasks that need to be completed that to try to jump from task to task, forgetting some in between. Staying organized in the workplace will help you feel in control and at ease, will help with the flow and seamlessness of your recruiting, will enhance the candidate experience and will improve prospective employees’ views of the company!

By Kristen Coutsouros | People Science Talent Advisor [/optinlocker]


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