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With the ability to follow a candidate from the time when a recruiter first finds them, through the first attempt to make contact, all the way to hire or final disqualification, HireGate is in a unique position to begin tracking potential candidates much earlier than any automated system currently in use in recruiting.

HireGate augments a client’s internal ATS in part by beginning candidate tracking earlier in the process.  Most ATSs – whether internal or belonging to a client/customer – don’t begin tracking until a candidate has been deemed “viable”, usually through initial contact and phone screen and the processing of an application.  HireGate begins the tracking process as soon as the recruiter identifies a potential candidate.  This allows for metrics to be collected much sooner, and can give a clearer picture of the number of potential candidates required to get to a qualified candidate, and how many qualified candidates are needed to complete a hire.

Because HireGate is a system that was built for recruiters, by recruiters, it includes a number of features to make tracking candidates easier.

HireGate also makes tracking recruiter production easier.  Because recruiters are recording candidates from the time that they are sourced, a more complete picture of the effort required to make a hire is available.

In addition, there are numerous practical metrics that can be tracked in HireGate.  Want to know how many potential candidates declined a position because of the salary, or the hours, or the distance to the job?  HireGate can track that.

Have you ever had a need to go back to your customer or your business and let them know that the salary they are offering isn’t competitive in the area where you’re recruiting?  By tracking candidates that decline the position for salary, you have the metrics needed to implement a discussion on the best strategy for moving forward; whether that is an increase in salary, or targeting a different demographic to fill the position.

As with many elements of HireGate, the information that is tracked can be customized.  This is one of many essential building blocks used to create our new technology that completes the talent acquisition cycle.

By Sherry Arlt | People Science Processor


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