Emergency Planning – Are you ready?

With the new year already in full effect, as a company, we needed to take the time to go over our emergency preparedness and procedures to establish everything we need is in place. This is something I think every company should take the time to go over or create if you haven’t done so already.

Below are some steps to ensure you are prepared:

  • Confirm your emergency evacuation plan. This lets your office know where they should be heading in the case of an emergency. Along with that, you also want to verify everyone knows where to meetup once you’ve evacuated the office. [optinlocker]
  • Have an in/out list of who’s in the office every day. Make sure it’s something that you can take with you when evacuating the office. That way you can take a headcount once your team has reached the designated meetup spot.
  • Have a plan in place for different types of emergencies that might arise. This way everyone knows what to do in the case something should happen.
  • Setup a meeting with your staff to go over the emergency plans you have in place so everyone knows what to do.

Having a plan in place and maintaining your plan every year will help make sure that everyone in your office is safe and knows what to do when an emergency should happen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

By Brian Easley | People Science Director of IT [/optinlocker]


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