Are you Marketing to your candidates?

Are you Marketing to your candidates? If not maybe, it’s something you should think about in 2019.

At the start of 2019, the candidate market is looking the way it did at the end of 2018. Unemployment rates are low, and candidates are harder to come by. This has made sourcing and recruiting a bit more challenging but workable! So, I had to ask my team what we can do to make sure we are attracting the talent needed to fill the positions we have open, in particular, technology positions that we have been working so hard to fill. Tech is where we are seeing the biggest hole, there are so many openings and little talent to fill them with. 

So, what can we do to get passive candidates to interact with us; and what can we do to attract more of the talent we need to fill the open positions that we have?  [optinlocker]

Marketing. How is that different than the 3-5 emails these people have not responded to? We market to candidates about the client in general, not about the positions we have reached out to the candidates for.  We send news articles and quarterly reviews that are pushed out by our clients, on social media, and on networking sites. So instead of pushing the positions, we are now pushing the company and their EVP! (Employment Value Prop)

The point of marking to the candidate pools we are creating is to so show them the value in the client, not just the positions that are posted. These campaigns also show the candidates that we are actively interested in them and have not forgotten about them – even if they may not have expressed interest in the company or the positions that we have open at that time.      From our last marketing campaign, we were able to fill two positions that were open 300+ days! And it literally cost us nothing. If you’re not marketing to your candidate pools maybe it’s time you start.  Because other than a few hours of your week and a little online research, what do you have to lose?  

By Lindsey Roundtree | People Science Director of Client Services [/optinlocker]


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