When one door closes, another door opens

When one door closes, another door opens. Sometimes a candidate is a great fit for the company but not the team with which they interviewed. Take the time to speak with the candidate to let them know they were not selected for the job. Open your mind and listen to what they are looking for in their next position and down the road. Review the openings at the company. Perhaps the candidate that interviewed for a Sales Development Rep would be good at Customer Service. Review the basic job description and compensation with the candidate. If they think it might be a good fit, run the candidate by the other hiring manager. Explain that the candidate interviewed for a different position but would be a great fit for the company overall and see if the hiring manager would be interested in speaking with the candidate.

If there isn’t a current opening that you can move the candidate over to, keep him or her warm. Reach out on a regular basis to see if they are still looking for a new position and review the current openings. It might take some time but eventually, the right position for the candidate will open and you will be able to make a quick hire.

By Megan Cashion | People Science Talent Advisor II


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