Working with New Hiring Managers within your Organization

We were all new to an organization at one time or another in our professional career, whether it was a new job, corporate downsizing or change in a work/life situation.

Training for new Hiring Managers is the key to success for all involved in the organization, be it veteran employees, new hires to the department, or upper management.

Some things to keep in mind when working with your training and development team :

  1. Continuity is key – make sure that all Hiring Managers – new or existing team members, have the same training and development tools. Sometimes a Hiring Manager who has been with the organization for an extended period of time may need a ‘refresher ‘.
  2. Listen to the Hiring Manager. Even though your Training and Development team may have vast experience, new Hiring Managers may have new and innovative ideas.
  3. Offer additional sessions if you feel it is needed.  The Hiring Manager may need additional training to be successful in their new role.
  4. Have an open-door policy for a Hiring Manager who doesn’t like to ask questions in a group setting
  5. Remember, this is a new opportunity for the Hiring Manager, show empathy and be patient. They may have lots of questions and will come to you and the HR team for the answers.
  6. Have fun!!

By Judy Wisniewski | People Science Talent Advisor


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