Communication is Key

In recruiting, communication can be one of the most important things to remember to stay on top of and one of the most detrimental to your workflow if you don’t dedicate enough time and attention to it.

In the recruiting field, we work with and communicate with a number of people, whether it be to submit a candidate for review and move them along in the interview process or to work with the HR team to onboard a new hire. These tasks typically involve several people in order to be completed and we must all do our part in order to keep the wheel spinning seamlessly. This requires us to check and respond to our emails, notifications and voicemail messages regularly.

Email, which seems to be a primary method of communication, can be a great tool if used correctly. When you receive an email from someone regarding follow up, be sure to respond as soon as possible. Even if there is no update to share, make sure to relay that information. This is how we can keep each other in the loop on what is transpiring, and everyone can stay on top of their recruiting and keep their candidates informed.

For example, a major place in recruiting where this comes into play is in the submittal of candidates to Hiring Managers for feedback. Often times, recruiters can go days without hearing anything back about candidates who were submitted for review. The lag time in responding to candidates can cause him or her to fall off, lose interest, or accept another position! We want to make sure that we have a quick turnaround time so that candidates stay interested and engaged. This will only improve the likeliness of filling positions.

Remember, next time you receive a message from a client or candidate, to respond in a timely manner so that everyone involved can stay in the loop and take necessary actions to keep the ball rolling.  Keeping a clear and direct line of communication between yourself and your clients or candidates is a great way to be efficient, productive and professional.

By Kristen Coutsouros | People Science Talent Advisor


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