What criteria is MOST important when searching for the “perfect” candidate?

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This is an important question and one that most likely will have a different answer for every company, hiring manager and open position within a company. This is also a discussion that a recruiter needs to have with each hiring manager first and foremost, even before initiating the recruitment process. Doing so will help ensure they’re not “spinning their wheels” unnecessarily.

There will always be “must haves,” “nice to haves” and skills that can be taught, which may not be needed upfront. It is important to establish this from the beginning in order to prioritize efforts. In addition, find out which of the “must haves” should be top priority. Not only will this help with the search, but it will also save time for all involved in the long run.

Company culture is also a major component in the selection process. While there may be many candidates who can “do the job,” how they fit into the organization can be just as important. Many companies see culture fit as one of the most important attributes of a candidate. Paying attention to it will help you determine whether a candidate will be a short-term fix or a long-term solution.

It is important to keep in mind that the prioritization of skills needed for a job may change at any time based on a multitude of factors. As long as there is a continuous communication with the hiring manager, partnered with flexibility and a sense of urgency, this shouldn’t cause too much of a setback. Understanding the type of talent needed for the role at hand today, and not what they were looking for yesterday, is key to hiring the perfect candidate.

By Laurie Mullins-Darcy | People Science Sr Talent Advisor


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