Tips for Managing Your Team’s Time Off During the Holidays

When the holidays come around, managing a team can become a bit like playing chess, especially when you’re trying to do your best to approve everyone’s time off requests.

We all undoubtedly need a break at this time of the year. No one wants a burnt-out team, and burnt-out employees will end up leaving you. But when you are running a team, especially a client-facing team, how do you make everyone happy and still ensure the work continues to be completed throughout the end of the year?

Well, sometimes it’s not easy, and everyone may not get the outcome they desire, but here are some tips to make it an easier process.

  1. Have a sound PTO policy in writing to help ensure there are fair and consistent standards to follow that all team members are aware of.
  2. Ensure employees have quick and easy access to view their PTO accrual so they can make good planning decisions on when to take their time off without any surprises.
  3. Share a “PTO Calendar” with your team so they can easily see if their co-workers are already planning to be out. This will also help empower them to have a solid coverage plan so they can really disconnect and relax while away.
  4. Talk to your team! Be open, remind your team of your PTO policies, and remind them to put in their time when it comes close to the holiday season. Don’t make them feel bad about using it! It’s a benefit that should be enjoyed!

The holidays should be a festive time, not a stressful time. The above tips will help ensure that work is still completed and your employees can get a break.


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